Since July 2018 the Hotel Elisa has also equipped itself with a modern swimming pool, which allows its guests to enjoy an unrepeatable relaxation in the picturesque mountains of Lunigiana
    Exit A15 "Aulla" state road them 665 and 665 TO SAY for the step of the Lagastrello

A15 freeway the A15 freeway "Parma-Sea to north agrees again with the A1 freeway" of the Sun ", approximately 8 kilometers to the west of Parma, while to south it is grafted in the freeway A12 "Genoa-Rosignano" between the escapes of La Spezia and Sarzana. In Lunigiana the A15 freeway has the escapes of Pontremoli (that it tos be distant 74 kilometers from the connection with the A1 and 26 km from the connection with the A12) and Aulla (91 km. from the A1 and 10 km. from the A12).

State road them n. 62 of the Cisa S.S. 62 of the Cis
a traces the ancient tracing of the way Francigena or Romea; it is detached from the state road them n. 1 Aurelia in correspondence of the lived one of Sarzana (SP), laughed them the left depositor of goes them of the Lean one until the Appennine step of Cisa (m. 1039) in order coming down in the Po Plain along goes it them of Taro and, crossed the cities of Parma and Mantova, finishes to Verona. In Lunigiana it crosses some of lives to you main of the territory: from south to north it touches in fact Aulla, Villafranca, Filattiera and Pontremoli

State road them n. 63 of the Cerreto S.S. 6
3 of the step of the Cerreto is detached from Be them n. 62 of the Cisa to the center of the Lunigiana, in correspondence of the lived one of Aulla. Laughed them therefore in east direction before it that one of the Rosaro goes then them of the Aulella and. It crosses the center of Fivizzano and laughed them the Appennino until the valico of Cerreto (m. 1261) in order then coming down in Po Plain and concluding just traced to Reggio Emilia.

State road them n. 445 of the Carpinelli S.S. n. 445
of the step of the Carpinelli connects the Lunigiana directly center orients them with the Garfagnana. It is detached in fact from SS. n. 63 of the Cerreto to south of Fivizzano, in Gassano locality, in order to follow the course of the Aulella torrent. Exceeded the center of Casola in Lunigiana, it enters in the territory of the province of Lucca and, exceeded the foce of Car pinelli (m. 842), ridiscende along it goes it them of the Serchio until Baths of Lucca where it intersects the S.S. n. 12.

RAILWAY CONNECTIONS the Lunigiana is served from two railway lines, the Parma-The Spezia (famous also like "Pontremolese") and the Aulla-Lucca. For the hiker on two wheels, to signal that the trains are numerous on both the lines that concur to transport the bicycle to the continuation. Parma-La Spezia Is a transappenninico connection that puts in communication the railway line tirrenica Genoa-Rome with the Milan-Bologna line. In Lunigiana it follows the left depositor of goes them of the Lean one, the master stations are those of Aulla, Villafranca and Pontremoli. From some years they are in action the jobs of modernization of the tracing you turn to realize one line of primary national interest to inserted fast distance in the corridor "Tirreno-Brennero". Aulla-Lucca draft of a railway line that is detached from the Parma-La Spezia in correspondence of the station of Aulla and crosses the Lunigiana center-oriental and the Garfagnana in order to conclude itself to Lucca where intersects the Viareggio-Florence line. For the territories that it crosses it is of important tourist interest.
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